Catching phish!

Dear Design Distill friends and collaborators, last week was an eventful one for us, including several projects finished, several new ones started, and an infiltrator into our email system. Thanks to some quick thinking and evasive action taken by Jay, our tech guru, we limited the scope and duration of this even, and sent them hacking, er packing!

Despite our best efforts, some of you may have received a message-less email with an attachment which either: 1) you did not open, 2) could not open, 3) tried repeatedly and think you could not open, or 4) created a log-in with your email password. If you fall into the latter of these two choices, there is a good chance your password has been exposed. Change passwords immediately, and avoid a single password for multiple login-in sites !

Viz artist - various levels of experience

Design Distill seeks talented visualization designers to work in our Cambridge studio... We offer competitive benefits, generous vacation time, bonuses, and many opportunities for advancement. Please apply only if you have US citizenship or current work visa and can work in our studio in Cambridge.

Essential requirements

- Experience with visualization (either in visualization studio or as in-house renderer for design firm)
- Bachelor and/or Master in architecture or landscape architecture Legally able to work in our US-based studio, in-house.
- Mastery of Photoshop (…blending layers, smart objects, good layer and mask management)
- Proficiency in Sketchup and familiarity with basic plug-ins
- Familiarity with VRay
- Strong sense of space and depth

Desirable characteristics

- Lumion Adobe Premiere and/or After Effects
- Knowledge of Autodesk products
- Experience with immersive 360 platforms
- Training or experience in urban design and/or branding

To apply, send cv and portfolio, or a link, to your best viz work. Please limit examples to no more than 15 of your best renderings. No phone calls please.


Hartness Vision has evolved into Design Distill.

This new title embodies our constant pursuit to, well, "distill" ideas into images... for architecture, landscape, and urban designs.
At one key point in this naming process we chose to remove the comma between the title words (so as not to imply something else) and remain on task. That may change over time, but for the moment our collaborations are exciting. We are taking over additional space in the same address

Alex Hogrefe, artist extraordinaire, has become partner of Design Distill LLC. Alex continues expanding his blog

 Jay Hoelle joined our ranks a few months ago, and has made us more streamlined and efficient. He has picked up our coffee-drinking habit very well, so we can tell big things are in store.


Alex Hogrefe has joined our viz family as Associate. He is the talented creator of and an accomplished designer. He brought a new coffee maker to sustain our caffeine habit...words cannot express our appreciation.

Carolina Lubatti brings years of visualization talent with her - and hopefully will teach us some bad words in Argentenian Spanish. When we run out of coffee, Caro keeps a stash of mate handy. Like!


Illustrations created for Nelson Byrd Woltz for the Memorial Park Proposal were published on the Houston Cronicle website recently. We are excited to see the design by NBW getting such great press! Check out the link here: