- A road map for our collaborative process

1. Your Project

This is the essential information we need to get started: SCOPE, TIMELINE and BUDGET. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your project, but before you do, here is some useful information: turnaround time is about 2 days per image. We are often booked out about 4-6 weeks, but sometimes we can fit a small project in the schedule, so feel free to ask. Our fee corresponds to the number of images and whether or not we provide design services.


2. Your Vision

Before we roll up our sleeves and get busy, we like to have a kickoff meeting to discuss all visual aspects of your project: the vision, the objectives, the stakeholders, the design, etc. We will also coordinate with you about precedent images, design documents, and 3D models. Based on this information, we will be able to discuss specifics such as style, season, and time of day,


3. 3D Model

We can work with hand-sketches and vectors, but most clients send us 3D models. 

* Please only send us information relevant to illustration *

We will import, clean, delete, enhance, texture, light, and perform any manner of acrobatics on the 3D model to get it camera-ready. We will propose screenshots of camera angles until you approve the exact angle. Please note, once we lock down this camera angle we cannot move it.


4. Our First Pass.

Once the views are confirmed and modeling complete, we will begin editing the images in Photoshop adding light, texture, entourage, landscape and all other elements to build the narrative. As the images progress, we will send them to you to comment on. We usually provide several rounds of feedback to ensure the images are exactly what you need.


5. Your Comments

We love it when clients say: “Don’t change a thing!” But this never happens, and that is OK. Clearly mark on top of the images what you would like us to change or add. When annotating, make your edits clear and concise. Listed edits typed in an email or comments left on voice mail will not cut it. Also, please remember, we cannot change the camera. Clients get up to 3 rounds of feedback to get the images just right.





6. The Final Artwork

Right on time, we provide you with the final uncompressed images to use in your presentation. If your project involved 360 immersive images, we will provide you with the uncompressed base image as well as a link to access the environment. We are always available to provide additional services at hourly rates if you require more adjustments later on.