Fast and Smart Storage


Compelling visualization does not just appear. Creating high resolution custom images able to integrate last-minute design changes can yield some big files. When you consider that Design Distill has quadrupled its volume in the last 4 years, you can imagine what this does backstage. As we grow into yet another storage server, we fondly recall that adorable 1 terabyte disk of storage for the entire studio.

Fortunately we are now putting our finishing touches on our newest custom-built 40TB+ backup storage server. While the only job of this server is to provide a mirror of our data, it represents an important step forward and away from proprietary boxes with limiting storage standards. Rather, we’ll be able to grow this singular box upwards of 100TB using the same hardware and parity drive as it has today. Our system is also spread across multiple locations, comprised of parity protected arrays and synced backups, not to mention secure cloud storage.

So what does this mean for our clients? It means that when each project is closed out, all of the beautiful image files are archived and backed up, ready to be instantly brought out of our “cold storage” and tweaked, changed or edited at any point in the future. Like our projects, we take our infrastructure seriously and plan for the future, which has allowed us to serve some of the same clients for close to 10 years!

Jay Hoelle