Focusing on the creative narrative of architecture, and conceptual ideas, including identity and branding, via built and unbuilt environments.


Located in front of Manila City Hall, the project integrates "water branding" into the architecture of this Maynilad customer facility. The site is organized around 3 programmed axes (nature, access, amenities) in which pedestrians have priority. The expression of water-channeling and healthy clean water resources play important roles in our concept. The new roof configuration allows for water collection and retention as well as climate control. When it rains the buildings become playful interactive sculptures. All-glass enclosures mark access points and provide infrastructure for cooling thermal chimneys.


Hartness Vision and XChange Archiitects

French Cultural Center, Library
Boston, MA USA

feasibility study / competition finalists

Le Centre Culturel francais has fostered franco-american connections for over a century. As the Centre embraces the era of multiple media platforms and its changing role as an institution, HartnessVision and XChange prepared a feasibility study to explore options, and participated as finalists in a competition to recast the historic facilities as an innovative and well-designed cultural platform..


Hartness Vision and XChange Architects.
RIGA Int'l Airport, Riga, Latvia

open competition (finalists)

 Riga International Airport hosted a competition that would address vast programmatic and security changes, as well as innovative design components that would make the airport memorable to international travelers and showcase innovation. Hartness Vision and XChange proposed a state of the art transfer hub, covered entirely in ETFE cells mounted on an undulating structure, and resembling clouds. The panels concealed infrastructure and wiring and could serve as lighting or signage. The panels also enabled climate control as airflow could be regulated between cells and between wider plenums at high volume areas.


Cambridge Innovation Center, 
Cambridge, MA

feasibility study and conceptual design

One of the best parts about Research and Development in urban environments is the serendipitous encounters between thinkers, investors, and muses that takes place. The Cambridge Innovation Center sponsored the Venture Cafe, to create the buzz-zone context in the Kendall Square incubator space. Hartness Vision proposed strategies on existing buildings that could engage the public realm.


collaboration with Ateliers Jean Nouvel,
as interior designer, visualization expert
Minneapolis, MN

Size : 285,000 ft2,  Budget: $125M 

Built,  May 2006

Performance art meets provocative architecture in the agro-industrial cityscape of Minneapolis as the new Guthrie Theater.  The new theater house threes distinct halls, a restaurant, a bar and an observation platform. The Guthrie Theater called for concepts that lent themselves to graphic innovation. From the midnight-color moiré of the facades to the translucent "ghosts of actors past" to the use of reflection and refraction to punctuate viewsheds, the development and use of "false radiosity" became paramount to the workflow.


Thomas Residence,
Galaxidi, Greece

Size : 300m2,  Budget: $600,000
Built 2006 

The conception and construction of a hillside home in the former merchant town in the Gulf of Corinth inhabited. Fishermen, artisans, and expatriated foreigners populate the village.  Vernacular architecture is adamantly protected;  nevertheless, one can find quite a bit of freedom of design, programmatically and even volumetrically. . .     

The house is enveloped by the rocky hillside, which conceals and cools. The volume offers intimate areas of discovery, with simple stucco and stone, and carefully aligned planes which create view corridors.




Atelier Loft conversion,
Paris, France

Size : 85m2,  Budget: $100k, 
Built, 2004

The loft du Caire involved a renovation and conversion of a former clothes atelier in Paris' garment district, into an urban loft. The locale was in poor condition; substantial replacement and reinforcement were required in order to remediate deficiencies and further open up the spaces. To establish a sense of spatial hierarchy, a gradated matrix was used...public - private +visual - technical. New modalities of interpretation were proposed so each "utility" retained its emotional "purity".


collaboration with OLGGA

CIMBeton-sponsored competition, 2003
Reims, France

open competition - finalists

Boulingrin farmer's market, built in 1928 in central reims. It has been abandoned for over 20 years, and is classified "historical monument." The central arch is 300 ft long and spans over 120 ft, yet is a mere 3 inches thick.

the competition called for a renovation of the building as well as the integration of a multi-facetted urban program: theater, expo area, a skate park and an urban archeology museum. The city of Reims hopes this building will synthesis urban past, present and future in a way that will interest the largest possible number of people.